Schenck Family Lifestyle Session

Becky and Jeff had their little one not to long ago. Ryan was adorably cute, being only just turned 5 months! Both have been working hard at raising Ryan, between almost sleepless nights, and random upchucks and parental concerns, Becky and Jeff work together as a team, because that's what they are: A Team. They are what parents should be, loving, considerate, communicative, and understanding, of each-other and the world around them. They were uneasy at first, pictures are a bit unnerving and uncomfortable, but there are definitely ways around all that uneasy-ness. What really made me feel incredibly touched was this comment left on my Facebook Page:

"Jay, thank you. For someone leery of trying a family "photo shoot," I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. You set us at ease, kept the pace and approach relaxed, and all the while remained professional and attentive to detail. And you walked in freezing cold Helderberg stream water to get the shot! Great job. We really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing your finished work. Best, Jeff Schenck"

Can I just be adopted by these guys? I'm so in love with this family! We went to Thatcher Park and just hung out for the day, nothing overly stimulating, just a nice quiet stroll through the park, played with Ryan. Tickled, Coo-ed, Lifted, and Swung him around. We had a ton of fun! It was also nice to catch up on events in between. Many new adventures await!