Jay Zhang

I'm a Storyteller

I tell stories about love, about families and about community. My stories are raw, and full of emotions, and I do it all visually; every composition, detail, color and nuance is important, no matter how minute. Not every story is the same and I'm here to tell your story, how the story unfolds is entirely up to you.

Out of Albany NY, I travel all over

I specialize in Wedding Photography, Family Photography, and Portrait Photography full of the good times, and sometimes of the tough times. My style is mainly documentary, focusing on the story that unfolds, or the story you want me to tell. 

Let me tell your Story

Your story is important, your memories are important, and how I retell your day and chronicle your family history is important. These photos will be the photos your kids will look at, and wonder what it must be like back then when Mom and Dad got married or when you bought your first house or when your first, second, third... fifth...(?) child was born. The little details about your home, and all the adventures you've had in them. I tend to remember a lot of silly details about a certain person, and sometimes it makes people laugh what detail about them reminds me of them, sometimes these little details also pop up right in your photos.

Photos are Future Nostalgia

When my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, I started to shuffle through a ton of old photos (while also now taking a ton of new ones), especially the ones with my mom in them. There was a photo that I remember the most but it wasn't a photo where I remembered the experience. It was a photo of her arm stretched out and holding 3 or 4 year old me from falling because I was leaning on her and my mom had the widest laughing smile on her face. I can even hear her laugh in her usual boisterous and infectious laugh. Without photos like this, over time I would just forget about all the little details that were also within the photo if it didn't exist.

We used to live in Chinatown New York City, it was a dirty place and we were really poor, talk about your typical immigrant story right? I was born in the USA but my all my parents were accustomed to being in the vicinity of the community. I remembered that both my parents would work everyday except Sundays in order for all of us to survive and to have enough and to have a little bit of fun and spend family time together. That place in the photo reminded me of my first memories, When my brother was finally allowed into the states, Where I slept in my own bed for the first time, where I first went to school, Where I saw my first New York City Rat, and when the four of us were finally reunited and a whole family again. I could go on, but you get the idea.


I'm a Dork, and I'm okay with it

Besides doing Photography Here are some of my interests:

I play video games in my free time (Final Fantasy, Rocket League, Minecraft, Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers)

I like to play all sorts of Sports (Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Weight Lifting)

I'm a digital geek and have youtube obsessions (Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Wong Fu Productions, VGHS, Daily Bumps)

I like to read and watch fantasy stories (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, LOTRs, How to Train your Dragon)

I love watching TV Shows (OITNB, Nurse Jackie, Modern Family, Fresh off the Boat, Black Mirror, GoT, Star Trek: Discovery)

I make Youtube Vlogs, sometimes they are not up to date, but they are mostly for me. I mainly do it to chronolog my adventures, some memories, and kind of give me a perspective to enjoy sometimes the day to day and to enjoy every moment life has to offer, sometimes they aren’t so happy go lucky, it reminds to me to make the best of the situations. If you wanted to check out my personal Youtube channel you can go here:

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Jay Zhang Photography is an Albany based Wedding Photographer, Family Photographer and Portrait Photographer specializing in Photography that is Photo-journalistic and real, the types of photos that last through the ages and the ones you visit over and over. Jay Zhang Photography is a photographer for the clients who appreciate photography at its core values - capturing moments that transcend lifetimes and generations connecting various cultures and traditions and last for centuries. Jay Zhang Photography is a Licensed and Insured Business that services Albany NY and its surrounding area with limitless traveling possibilities. 


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