Best of Families 2016 | Jay Zhang Photography

Family Sessions are the best, they may not be the most clean, the most calm, or the most glamorous, but they are the most real. Kids are at their purest forms genuine, so when they are happy, sad, giggly, excited, inspired, inquisitive, it is coming without bias, because they don't know how to just smile for the camera. I think that's the most important part of developing their personalities. What comes from this truth, is the influence they have on their parents, of which they also can not help but smile.

Will's Birthday

Will is my Nephew-in-law, so of course I'm a little bias when I say he's a cute baby with a ton of adventure in his heart. He also doesn't like being told what to do, so of course he'll want to do his own thing. He just needed a little bit of distraction here and there to move him into the right place ;-)

6 Month Blog:

Payne Sisters

These girls are unique, one's all about being fabulous, the others all about being inquisitive and creative. Sisters who are different, but sisters who stick together. They can't help but always be together.


Chatigny Family

This family session started off a little rough, She did NOT want to play, but then again, she just woke up from a nap, if it were me, I wouldn't either. Eventually she warmed up to this stranger with a camera and was just being this active girl who wanted to do EVERYTHING, water the plants, pull out the weeds, (her dad loves that she likes to do yard work) play with her kitchen set, throw the ball around, run in circles, Dance with Momma, You name it, she wants to do it. The introduction of a Lifestyle Session is always different for a lot of families, but the value of the rawness of the session outweighs the initial feeling of "What am I doing" with "Wow, look at that giggle smile moment"


Jessica's Maternity Session

Jess is a new Momma who's always got her family to support her. She's a strong woman with a strong heart and as expected now, she's a great Momma. A little bit of Baby Shower Event Photography mixed in with Maternity Portrait Photography captures what was a memorable moment in her life before becoming a new Mom.


Huntley Family Photos

Remember these guys?! If you don't I'll attach the older blog below. He's as active, as adventurous, and as fearless as ever. There's a new addition to the family, little Lily, who - just like her brother - hated picture day when he was very little, but seemed to love the sound of the clicking noise. It was a play date day with Mommy and Daddy, I think kids are catching on that whenever I'm around, they get to do everything that they normally wouldn't be able to do in one day. He was loving it. They are adjusting their life to having two kids, I think they are doing quite well.

1 Year Blog:

In-House Mini Sessions

The next set of images are from a Mini-Session that I hosted from a group of friends who all wanted photos of their family but didn't have the time to spend on a full Family Session. We were able to organize a whole crew of families to run a short Lifestyle Mini-Session all in one day. Here are my favorites from their short sessions! If you want to take up a Mini-Session with me, get a group of families together and lets talk!