Julia's Maternity Session

I wanted to take this time to blog about being confident in your work. So obviously this is a blog to Photographers and other Artistic Entrepreneurs out there working hard at mastering their craft during the cold winter months. I personally do not shoot Maternities, Budoirs, or Newborns, mainly because these are hyper sensitive and hyper qualified Photography Niche's. Much like Wedding Photography, You DO NOT HIRE just ANY Photographer, you hire a Wedding Photographer.

During this shoot I will honestly say that I was nervous, but she was beautiful and we need to make beautiful pictures of this beautiful already Mother of one to become a Mother of two. This was part of a At-Home Family Session that we packaged together to include a little bit of maternity portraits.

Could she tell I was nervous? Probably not, could you see my wheels turning? With all the smoke, YES, would I do it over again? 100 Times YES. I whipped out the 85mm, adjusted my settings and shot away, focusing on the idea that Bringing new life into the world is beautiful, and the physical body that protects and nourishes that new life is just as beautiful if not even more elegant than people can imagine. Julia Radiated for me, and I amplified her radiance 10x over.

So go out there, be confidant in who you are as Artists, think about what you are doing, and do the work you know how to do.