Lifestyle Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography is a journalistic documentary of a family's day-to-day that captures the things that mean the most.  Its about all the moments that you'd love to remember in 30 years. This is all about fun, laughter, silliness, hugs and kisses, but its also about craziness, headaches, nuances, and chaos. This is real life and it is what real families are like, and it is beautiful. Its all the things you'll miss when they get older, and its all the things they'll remember when you show them again. Lifestyle Photography isn't just a way to document your family during an activity, but its a love for the time spent together and everything that we love about it.

It doesn't just mean families, but includes anyone and everyone; from Individual portraits and pets, to couples and families. A Lifestyle session (Portraits, Families, Maternity, Couples, Engagements, Pets, Newborns) is tailored to your life, the things that are most important to you and everyone that has moved it. Everyone deserves to remember the things that are important to them. Lifestyle Photography focuses on the effects of a timeline, enriching it with authentic characteristics of each subject.

I've blogged about my Journey to this style of photography and you can find it here:

Why Lifestyle Photography

What is a Day In The Life Session?

This is a session that is the most raw, it takes place in your home, in your car, in your backyard, at your local grocery store, at your local park, Its everywhere and anywhere that you live you life. This type of session is ALL about you living your life with the loves of your life. This type of session runs the length of however long you'd like it to run. Maybe you're going to the local fair and want to do a Day in the Life of your family at the fair. While you're having fun and spending some time with your family, I'll be documenting the moments that you'll never have again. If you interested in this type of session, go ahead and inquire with me about it HERE