Roadtrip DC + Philadelphia

Here's a travel blog of my road trip traveling in the month of May. Since this was a personal set of photos, I didn't have much of a deadline, nevertheless, here they are! Erik and I traveled to Virginia to visit my friends Nils and Aubrey in their newly assimilated living situation in the south. We traveled into The Mall of DC and the National Zoo. We even explored the city of Philadelphia and the historical context. The purpose of this blog is for not just for me, but for YOU who shoot non-professional, for YOU who DO shoot professionally, for YOU who instagram everything. KEEP SHOOTING. I know for me its hard to find some time to edit my own photos and get the motivation to shoot my own photos among the sea of responsibilities that I have to other people, but remember, its okay to just keep shooting for yourself. You're going to want to remember it when its all over and done with, its the only thing that you'll have left to remember. Then one day you'll get to tell/retell the story.