Journey of a Wanderlust

Andy is a Tattoo Enthusiast, Small-Scale Sculpture collector, Good Friend and World Traveler. Anyone who is searching to find their niche, or find what will make them fulfilled in life will understand the same journey that Andy has had over the years. Its the search for something more out of life, the search of purpose or do things that gives an individual a sense of purpose in their life.

Andy has traveled to many parts of the world and only plans to travel to many more places. Some of these places include repeat trips to Japan and China, California and his goal is to collect stamps on his passport in as many places as he can, and there is no stopping him.

I was down in the city for another photo shoot and to do some location scouting for couples in New York City, but I was also in the mood for some adventure. Roosevelt Island was one a great place for couples, and I've never been on the island before, even though I have lived in New York City for 18 years of my life. I just couldn't resist, and It was great having a model, especially someone a little more edgy.

A piece of advice for any world traveler, is to go wherever your heart takes you

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