Kyle's Portrait Session / Professional Session

Kyle's Portrait Session / Professional Session

Kyle was looking to update his Professional Photos, so I was more than happy to oblige, but I was also more than happy to give him something to use for his personal life. We tour around Troy NY and this stud was so ready for the camera. He's a teacher, and like most teachers who are enthusiastic, he talks with his hands, so I told him to teach me something, and of course, his hands were in full motion.

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5 Reasons to get a Modern Professional Shoot

Here are the top 5 Reasons to go get yourself a Professional Photoshoot with a Photographer

1. You're a Badass Boss

Lets face it, Professional Photoshoots are going to bring out the best side of you, both professionally and personally. The Modern Professional Photo is less about having a white background and more about textures of context. Employers will notice the difference of your professionalism based on the professionalism of your photo, especially if its on Linkedin

2. You deserve to feel good about how you look

We all have those insecurities about ourselves and how this or that is out of place and imperfect. Scratch all that because Photographers, the honest ones will tell you that all you need is to see you like we see you! Its pretty cliche I know, but its true. sometimes we see ourselves differently through the eyes of a photographer.

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3. Its a ton of fun

Picking your Photographer will make a difference in your experience. If you're having fun and only worried about having fun, then you'll always bring out the best and fun side of yourself. So take note Photogs, MAKE ALL YOUR SHOOTS FUN. Life is too short to be so serious.

4. You get to play dress up

Bring your A++ game. There is no such thing as too formal, but there is no strict rules to what you can't wear and still be professional either. If you're into fashion, go ahead, give us Photogs something fun. I'm a fan of color, so play it up! How often do you get to make a snapshot of the best you could ever look?

5. You can use the Photos over and over

Use it for every occasion, Marketing, Social Media, Professional, You'll be able to use it for just about anything. It might even be a great photo to show your parents that you're doing okay. Whatever you end up doing with them, enjoy them!

So when you're thinking about giving yourself an edge either for potential employers, updating your professional photos, or even showing your parents that you're doing alright, send an email to start the conversation on how we can get your photos now! Go ahead and visit my Contact Page