Training to Run, or Running to Train?

My Good friend Sarah is running two half marathons and a triatholon this year, She's been training like a beast and eating as many calories as Michael Phelps. When you're an athlete, you understand that working out AND diet is one of the most important things in the world to your training. When you train harder, and you run more distances, you need more calories in your system. Sarah doesn't feel like she's killing it, and the journey to run two half marathons is hard, so I'd say: Yes. You're killing it girl, Slay mama Slay. I bet she can outrun me, and I play soccer! She's a bit shy and doesn't really flaunt her awesomeness, so let me do it for her. She's a strong, independent and beautiful woman doing great things and owning everything she does. We will have to do a real portrait session, but thank you for being my model in this location scouting for my engagement sessions!