Kardall + Beth's Couple Session

I premise every session that I do with a small statement to get my clients comfortable acting like themselves, outside of the work place, outside of the necessity to be formal, and sometimes, outside of their norm. Kardall and Beth were no exception. I told them that my style is very much journalistic, so even when I'm telling them where I envision their perfect picture, to just talk to each other, tickle each other, make each other feel comfortable. I wanted them to focus on themselves, it wasn't about the photos, it wasn't about me taking the photos and putting on their best versions, it was about putting their real versions of how they felt. That to me is the best versions of themselves.

The beginning was crazy, with outfit decisions and trying to get out of work on time, and fighting a tired sun. There was so much energy from this couple, you could really tell that they really enjoyed the company of the other. Kardall was being silly, playful, and whispering things in her ear that almost made me blush! Beth was loving every moment of it, really just taking in the time they usually spend together and not taking any of it for granted. They are both hard working people and they both work hard for the other proven through their character. I'm so glad they wanted to do this outside with the limited amount of sunset light. This will be the first of many moments in their timeline that they'll remember for a while. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!