Best of Weddings 2016 | Jay Zhang Photography

2016 has been a great year. Lets just say that it has had its challenges, but nothing is without challenges, besides... Life's more exciting that way. Below you'll find the image of each wedding that was my favorite from this year. As this wedding season comes to a close, its time to open the doors for the new Wedding Season. I'm already getting booked and its only a matter of time before my calendar gets filled! Go to the Contact page to inquire!

Sophia and Brad's Glen Sanders Wedding

Sophia and Brad's Wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion was a beautiful one, want to check it out? Go here:

Nichole and Sean's Birch HIll Wedding

Nichole and Sean are a silly couple, always looking to have fun, be chill and make sure their guests also have as much fun. Check out their wedding here:

Mike and Adrian's Birch Hill Wedding

Mike and Adrian got married at the Birch Hill in Castleton on Hudson and it couldn't be anymore perfect with their family and friends:

Katie + Cam's Crystal Cove Wedding

Katie and Cam had their wedding at Crystal Cove in Averill Park, and it was a wedding that was unforgettable. It was definetly Championed only by the great speeches that their dads gave!

Liz and Ben's Desmond Hotel Wedding

Liz and Ben had their wedding at the Demond Hotel, surrounded by family and friends who were having a great time. An anxiety filled morning turned into a relaxing and fun evening.

Shelby + Jen's Settle's Hill Wedding

Shelby and Jen had their wedding at Settle's Hill Banquet and Events and it couldn't go any more smoothly. I had the honor of photographing their wedding along side another photographer and they couldn't be more thrilled!

Angela + Steve's Mohawk River Club Wedding

Angela and Steve are such an easy going and low key couple who was up for whatever adventure awaited them. They've been going on adventures together for a while now, check out their blog here:

Brittney + Andrew's Mansions Cedar Hill Wedding

Brittany and Andrew had their wedding at The Mansions at Cedar Hill, a beautiful venue with a gorgeous sunset that casted their wedding with a love that will last years to come. They were so ready to see each other on their first look, they just couldn't wait. They got to enjoy the day with their guests, with their family, and with each other.

Jessica and Alex's Lazy Swan Wedding

Jessica and Alex had their wedding at the Lazy Swan and it was a GORGEOUSLY perfect day. Their wedding was filled with details created by members of their family, of their friends and from each other. It was a beautiful wedding with two beautiful people, on a beautiful day. When it came down to it, their love for each other couldn't be overshadowed by anything.

Liz and Joe's Hall of Springs Wedding

Liz and Dave had their wedding at the Hall of Springs, perfect for two party people looking to just have fun with their friends and create some magnificently beautiful photos. Their day was perfect as their stayed close by to the hall of springs, allowing all of their guests to relax and not worry about travel before and after their wedding. Their day couldn't have been more fun with these two, and their photos couldn't have been more beautiful.

Stephen and Guerin's Buckley Farms Wedding


Stephen and Guerin's Wedding was filled with beautiful rustic details, all having multiple meanings, everything for a reason. Branded to the T, it looking perfect was only half the journey through the day, being perfect for each other was the other half. Their ability to see each other, actually SEE each other for who they are made it such an emotionally happy day.