Camp Centerland Wedding Buffalo NY | Darcy and Jonathan

Darcy and Jonathan are both tabletop RPG nerds and fantasy buffs who were destined to be together. If you don’t even understand any of those things, you better start learning because we’re going to throw some D-20’s up in this blog and slay some dragons. Having met while working at a summer camp while also nerding-out together, they decided to make the theme to their wedding “Hobbits Go to Summer Camp” which based on all their details, made their day identified to them SO Well. It was a hot summery day, the sun was out, the people were smiling and they were both super nervous and excited.

They didn’t want to do a full first look, but they did want to do some sort of first look, soooo we did a super emotionally charged NOT First look, but hand holding and hugging, and crying definitely ensued. Blindfolds and crying, and sniffling, definitely a tear jerking moment.

It was the perfect day.

Catering: Annie Krause of Rouge Cellar and Chiavetta’s Chicken
Venue: Camp Centerland: A program of JCC Buffalo