Century House Albany NY | Kelly and Tony's Wedding

SUMMER is meant for lovers up here in the Northeast because a beautiful day is bound to show you the best love can offer!

Kelly and Tony were fated to be together, when I first met them they seemed like lovers who had finally got together and who already understood how infinite Love is, that it extends not for our partners, but to our families and each other’s families. Family is super important to these two and it was without a doubt a big part of their day. But let me tell you how excited these two were to see each other. A first look that was filled with just EXCITEMENT, no nerves - well maybe a little bit but mostly just excitement. My favorite thing about weddings is the first look, the raw moment that happens and the pure happiness that just fills the entire space.

A day filled with love, excitement, surprises and good friends and family. What else could you ask more? Maybe some more delicious cake :-)