Gay Soirée

The Pride Center invited me to photograph their event and I was glad to participate in the event since the Pride Center is all about empowering the community and  encourages the development of social relationships. This group of people were a lot of fun and knew how to throw a party! There were a lot of people that I met for the first time and everyone was friendly and was itching to get on the dance floor.

There was great food provided by The State Room down in Albany, a Great Singer & Band, a kick ass DJ (Robb Ganns) and of course, the cast and crew of the Pride Center. It was a night to have some fun, enjoy the night and down time, and party it up with some old friends and mingle with new one.

There were also a few couples out there who were rejoicing in their ability to be free and open to love, party and be happy. A few of the photos in this blog makes me want to do more stuff like them, especially this one really cute couple, I couldn't stop staring. There was definetly a lot of fun to be had! Just check it out for yourself.