2017 Weddings | A Look Back | Jay Zhang Photography

This past year has been the biggest year yet! Every year it gets better and better, and the thing that never changes is that my Clients are awesome and THE BEST. I've had the pleasure of traveling to so many different locations and meeting so many new and wonderful people and families. Here's a brief overview of all the weddings this year, I can't wait for what 2018 Brings.

We started the year off with a small Elopement in Schenectady - Enter Sarah and Russel, a couple who have returned to the area after both finding each other on the west coast and finding out that they both grew up in areas fairly close to each other.

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Tina and Tyler had a snowstorm for their wedding, but nothing was going to stop the magic of the day from them finally getting married and creating fantastic and magical memories for them, and for their little one Sophia. How many children can say they got to attend their parents wedding with loved ones surrounding them? Only the special ones.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/tina-tyler-wedding-2017

These crazy kids were meant for each other, not only because they are both immensely intelligent, highly motivated and super adventurous, but because they understand each others humor, their body language speaks volumes in their comfort in each other, and of course because they said I do. 

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I was pretty excited when Nikki and Reilly approached me to photograph their wedding, even more excited when they officially booked! We had been chatting and planning and when the day came, It couldn't have been more THEM, The love that poured out onto their day was greatly heart warming.

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These studs were the life of the party, they just wanted to dance, party and celebrate with all their loved ones and there was nothing that was going to stop them. They were dapper all day and they were enjoying themselves as they should. There were definetly some moments, where hey took to be a little bit romantic and ridiculous, of which I have definetly captured.

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Anna and Kirstie are sweethearts, both always looking out for the other. Down to earth, kind, and considerate people there isn't anything that they wouldn't do for each other and it shows in their actions, their body language, and the amount of crying that took place that day. A bit of craziness at the beginning mixed in with intense release of emotion down the aisle, then the day just fell into place.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/anna-kirstie-wedding-2017

OMG so much laughing, and crying and giggling and dancing and bouncing around and humbleness for Steph and Todd's Wedding. It was such a good day, my heart filled up right at the beginningof the day and I couldn't help but be smiles all day myself.

Blong Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/steph-todd-wedding-2017-stablegate

These two are ridiculous, low key, easy going, and LOADS OF FUN. Ben can be a bit more ridiculous, and Erica sometimes has to reign it in, but throughout the night I couldn't help but think that I didn't know who was more ridiculous than the other when they were both out on the dance floor. It was a fun night to be had by all.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/erica-ben-wedding-2017

Lisa and Roxana deserved to have the perfect day, and they did. They deserved to be a family, and they made it official. They also deserved to be surrounded by family that loved them, and they were, I felt so honored to be a part of their super intimate day with such a small group of people. Everyone deserved to be happy, and these two especially were the happiest that day.

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Anusheh and Paul had a lot of things going on that day, and a lot of things on their minds. They had already had a Wedding and to have their 2nd celebration came with many surprises that could only be measured by actually being there. There was a ease that filled the air and smiles that you couldn't stop from forming on everyone's faces all day. Being surrounded by friends and family, but also loving commitment to a family that was already there to create a new family filed with love and compassion.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/anusheh-paul-stablegate-2017

Alice and Sal entrusted me to capture their day and it was a perfect day at that. They just wanted to spend time together, which mean it was my job to give them as much time to themselves as possible so they could cuddle and tease and giggle.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/alice-sal-wedding-2017

It was finally the day to capture Kristen and Rick's Wedding!! Traveling out to Auburn was warmer than usual and the day couldn't have been more perfect. They are both teachers, which meant everything was prepared and all advice followed for the perfect day. Everything went without a hitch and everything was a perfect day. They can't help but be in love with each other.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/kristen-rick-wedding-2017

Michelle and Gina's day started a bit crazy, there was a measurable anxiety in the air and there was just a solution for that. The First Look moment came, and they anxiously approached to be seen by the other and when they finally turned to see each other, all that anxiety and the doubts left. The only thing left was excitment and joy and love.

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Grace and Tim have been working on their venue restlessly for the last year or so and they could not have done a better job. Originally from NY, they moved several times and eventually ended up in Philly where they now live. So the trips up to Bridgewater every weekend were part of their dedication to creating their perfect day. These two are a great team, working towards whatever goal they can put their minds to, and the best part is that they get to do it together.

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Kim and Rick were ready for their day forever and it couldn't have been any more perfect for them! A wedding with a few members of people who they love and love the company of, and moments where they remember that they love each other, the small looks on their faces that made me realize that their love was true, and compassionate.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/kim-rick-wedding-2017

Alisa and Carl has been waiting for this day since October of last year and it was the a lovely fall day for these two loving people. They couldn't help but hold each other, kiss, smile and laugh with each other all day.

Blog Link: https://www.jayzhangphotography.com/wedding-blog/alisha-carl-wedding-2017

Karla and Brian's wedding ends the 2017 Wedding season in style. It was a bit chilly, and everyone was anxious for the day to happen. Both Karla and Brian were anxious to do their first look, and as cold as the day was, they couldn't help but be embraced in each other's arms, and marveling in each other's love for each other.

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