Thomas Bull Memorial Park | Ali and Josh's Wedding Montgomery NY

Ali and Josh are the type of people who love a good adventure, and isn’t afraid of change and going with the flow when they need to. Set up for the best possible outcome but have alternate plans for the worst outcomes. There was a chance that their ceremony was going to have rain as the forecast was predicting, but as we started to check the hour to hour time, we were relieved to have just a small chance where the rain would stop by the time First Look was happening at Thomas Memorial Bull Park, a gorgeous little place out in Montgomery NY.

The day started and it had already rained in the early morning, but it was mostly drizzling by the time I had to be at Ali’s Parent’s home for some details and getting ready photos. Everyone was definitely ready to party and have some fun and in good spirits, especially Ali and her Mom. We put the finishing touches on Ali’s Makeup and Hair, and adjustments to her dress – and when we say we I mean her mom and her bridesmaids – then we were ready to go meet Josh at the park.

We got to the park and I met up with Josh who was extra excited – classic Josh. Bright eyed and bushy tailed and with the biggest smile and ready to do the first look with his love. It had JUST slowed down from drizzle to barley anything – so we set Josh up in place, and gave Ali an Umbrella, and then… well History!