Camp Watitoh Becket Ma | Sierra and Chris' Wedding 2018

Check list for the day:

Wedding at a summer camp because you two met there - Check

Have amazing family and friends to share your day with - Check

Have a beautiful day - Check

Handsome Groom - Check

Beautiful Bride - Check

Lovely Staff - Check

Dress, Suit, Shoes, Earrings, Champagne, Whisky - Check

When you got a love so strong, you know its going to be an amazing day, it was a day where everyone was ready to witness the beautiful sight (And Site! PUNS!). Let me just say, I love when a wedding party knows how to support their wedding couple. Take note everyone, Below are photos that are evidence that their party loved them. Starting the day with the ladies helping Sierra with hair and make up, and some shenanigans right before seeing both mom’s for a parents first look. MOM was making me cry behind my lens, I couldn’t handle it. With Chris and the boys, its typically a little less complicated, unless you have to put your tie on 3 or 4 times (Sorry! Sold you out!) but don’t you worry, It takes me about the same amount ;-). First look was an amazing experience right in the clearing of the woods, and once they finally got to see each other, the giggles and laughs and big smiles that stretched from side to side were NON-STOP. My favorite.

If I could transform their laughs and giggles into a feeling, it would be a warm globe that sits in the chest where the heart is, and that feeling you get when you’ve eaten a really good meal, and its that feeling when you are at your weakest and someone gives you the biggest relief from your stressful day. GENUINENESS is the wrap that encapsulates the feeling of their day. THIS was the feeling that emanated from their day. The rest of the day, was ALL of this. I think its time for you to REALLY see these photos!