Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I decided to take this weekend to attend the Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! You wouldn't imagine the sheer amount of people there at this Cherry Blossom Festival. If you go on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) and search #JZPSakura you'll get to see my group and I having some fun, see some behind the scenes type stuff and essentially check out the stuff we were doing all day!

The biggest draw for most people at the Sakura Matsuri is obviously the Cherry Blossoms, but not only are the vast amount of flora the best thing about a festival about spring, its the people who attend it. Cosplayers were all over with their magnificent costumes that they worked so hard to like their favorite anime or Japanese cartoon characters.

A little social history about Anime is that the japanese culture is a very stoic culture, void of expressed emotion and emotional "vulnerability". Anime in short was the counter culture against the old world Japanese Culture in that its hyper expressive, and hyper exaggerated. the emphasis goes as far as the physical details of the characters, large eyes, hyper expressed movements, hyper exaggerated personalities and emotions. Its something that most youths gravitate to due to the sheer fact that not only is it entertaining, many who are trying to find themselves, can identify with any number of characters in this anime world.

I've done enough talk... go check it out! Flora, Cosplay, Portraits of my gang, some Japanese Theater, and I had to throw in a little NYC Architecture love in there too.
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