OBK Brunch at American Hotel

 (Skip to the next paragraph if you already know). For those who do not know the organization Our Brothers' Keeper Foundation(OBKF): it is a grassroots organization originating and operating in the capital district of New York. The Organization operates to provide funding to other organizations in the capital district dedicated to assisting individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

OBK's Event on May 4th was Brunch at the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, a quaint little place with some great food. This was one of OBK's biggest annual events with many former board members attending as well as new members supporting the continuation of OBK's Legacy. You might seen some familiar faces in some of the photos and you'll get to enjoy smiles and laughs of everyone who participated. It was a great a lovely day for a brunch with friends old ones and new ones. The town of Sharon Springs had lovely shops that were located just across the way of the hotel and offered a lot of really neat items for sale. If you get a chance, I would adventure into Sharon Springs for a small weekend get away for some quaint quiet time.