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Kyle's Portrait Session / Professional Session

Kyle's Portrait Session / Professional Session

Kyle was looking to update his Professional Photos, so I was more than happy to oblige, but I was also more than happy to give him something to use for his personal life. We tour around Troy NY and this stud was so ready for the camera. He's a teacher, and like most teachers who are enthusiastic, he talks with his hands, so I told him to teach me something, and of course, his hands were in full motion.

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Danling's Portrait + Headshot Session

Danling's Portrait + Headshot Session

Danling Luo is going to be graduating as a Public Administration Major with a Minor in IT and is now out on the market for a long term position, her potential is endless! Smart, Diligent, and Ready to take on the world, This beautiful woman is going to own her confidence and make tons of friends along the way. Check out how we're changing the Professional Headshot / Portrait Sessions by adding in color and Personality into every Shot.

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Tyler's Portrait / Headshot Update

Tyler's Portrait / Headshot Update

This guy is going to get the oppertunity to sing on the Carnival Cruise Lines as a Vocalist, How exciting is that! He needed to get his portraits and headshots updated and I was more than happy to oblige! We went all out, we consulted on what style and what look he's looking to achieve and what clothes to wear and we just played in Magic Hour to get his perfect portraits. Just check out my favs!

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Pride Center Annual Meeting 2016

Pride Center Annual Meeting 2016

The Pride Center has kicked off another year of great events, great programs and great initiatives lead by an amazing staff of people. We saw some familiar faces and some new ones joining the crowd but the message and the intent never changes, to create support for the community and to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals in the Capital Region. As the oldest Chapter in the national for LGBTQ Community Centers, they are always aiming to make things better every step of the way!

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Body Jam - Pump pump pump Pump it up!

I love fitness, I love the energy it embodies, I love the dedication and ambition involved in the process of getting fit, I even like the feeling of being sore the next day, it tells me that I (probably) did something right the day before. Body Jam, looked like a totally different type of fitness that involved some cherographed dance moves. It was a ton of fun just watching the instructors do their thing. I almost just dropped my camera and joined in, but I resisted, somehow ;)

If you're thinking about joining the class, get in contact with Vent Fitness in Latham and ask for Raj, one of four instructors that run the Body Jam sessions at Vent Fitness in Latham. You won't be disappointed. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot.

5 Reasons to get a Modern Professional Shoot

Here are the top 5 Reasons to go get yourself a Professional Photoshoot with a Photographer

1. You're a Badass Boss

Lets face it, Professional Photoshoots are going to bring out the best side of you, both professionally and personally. The Modern Professional Photo is less about having a white background and more about textures of context. Employers will notice the difference of your professionalism based on the professionalism of your photo, especially if its on Linkedin

2. You deserve to feel good about how you look

We all have those insecurities about ourselves and how this or that is out of place and imperfect. Scratch all that because Photographers, the honest ones will tell you that all you need is to see you like we see you! Its pretty cliche I know, but its true. sometimes we see ourselves differently through the eyes of a photographer.

Sarah Reardon Marketing-2.jpg

3. Its a ton of fun

Picking your Photographer will make a difference in your experience. If you're having fun and only worried about having fun, then you'll always bring out the best and fun side of yourself. So take note Photogs, MAKE ALL YOUR SHOOTS FUN. Life is too short to be so serious.

4. You get to play dress up

Bring your A++ game. There is no such thing as too formal, but there is no strict rules to what you can't wear and still be professional either. If you're into fashion, go ahead, give us Photogs something fun. I'm a fan of color, so play it up! How often do you get to make a snapshot of the best you could ever look?

5. You can use the Photos over and over

Use it for every occasion, Marketing, Social Media, Professional, You'll be able to use it for just about anything. It might even be a great photo to show your parents that you're doing okay. Whatever you end up doing with them, enjoy them!

So when you're thinking about giving yourself an edge either for potential employers, updating your professional photos, or even showing your parents that you're doing alright, send an email to start the conversation on how we can get your photos now! Go ahead and visit my Contact Page

Traveling Photography Blog

Much needed Vacation from everything via Roadtrip to Fairfax Virginia + Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Its a long trip down to Virginia, if anyone is traveling that way I'd highly recommend timing to miss DC traffic or avoiding it all together, trust me you're going to thank me afterwards because you won't even miss going through it. You might not even like traveling through Virginia but the houses in Fairfax and Alexandria are gorgeous! The weather was so nice and so warm that it finally felt like the beginning of summer, of course we had to get some Icecream and just hang out outside as much as possible.

In DC day one we saw the monuments and some Smithsonian Museums, and there were so many unbelievably gorgeous flowers all over the place, it must be the beautiful weather that lets all these pretty ones grow.

DC day two was ZOO Day, we saw so many animals and ventured right into the National Zoological Park. Between Otters, Lions, Tigers, Pandas, Sea Creatures, I just used up all my puns for the day.

Philadelphia was our last stop and it just ended up turning into a historic Road Trip since Philadelphia was full of embeded constitutional culture. We went to see the Liberty Bell and even Visited Benjamin Franklin's Grave. Okay, I kept it short so now go and check out the photos!

If you didn't know, I was doing a small Instagram adventure as we go, you can find it on http://instagram.com/jayzhangphotog and if you're already on Instagram just search #JayZhangAdventures #travelingplant #Miniseries or any one of those hashtags to find some of the punny things I was torturing the rest of my audience with... so yeah! I have some exciting things coming up so don't feel neglected If i don't post or If I disappear, I promise to be back!

Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I decided to take this weekend to attend the Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! You wouldn't imagine the sheer amount of people there at this Cherry Blossom Festival. If you go on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) and search #JZPSakura you'll get to see my group and I having some fun, see some behind the scenes type stuff and essentially check out the stuff we were doing all day!

The biggest draw for most people at the Sakura Matsuri is obviously the Cherry Blossoms, but not only are the vast amount of flora the best thing about a festival about spring, its the people who attend it. Cosplayers were all over with their magnificent costumes that they worked so hard to like their favorite anime or Japanese cartoon characters.

A little social history about Anime is that the japanese culture is a very stoic culture, void of expressed emotion and emotional "vulnerability". Anime in short was the counter culture against the old world Japanese Culture in that its hyper expressive, and hyper exaggerated. the emphasis goes as far as the physical details of the characters, large eyes, hyper expressed movements, hyper exaggerated personalities and emotions. Its something that most youths gravitate to due to the sheer fact that not only is it entertaining, many who are trying to find themselves, can identify with any number of characters in this anime world.

I've done enough talk... go check it out! Flora, Cosplay, Portraits of my gang, some Japanese Theater, and I had to throw in a little NYC Architecture love in there too.
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OBK Event: Elvis in Concert starring James Cawley

 (Skip to the next paragraph if you already know). For those who do not know the organization Our Brothers' Keeper Foundation(OBKF): it is a grassroots organization originating and operating in the capital district of New York. The Organization operates to provide funding to other organizations in the capital district dedicated to assisting individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.

This weekend was quite a show with Elvis preforming at the Franklin Terrace Ballroom in Troy for OBKF's Monthly Event. The night started off with h'orderves and mingling with the attendees followed by a glorious buffet dinner. Afterwards the band The American Longboards Played a couple of great songs to warm up the crowd before introducing the King himself, Elvis! Both Elvis and the Band were amazing all night long. Just Check out the performance!

Zhang Family Photos

My family has given me a love of photography from a very young age and I'm always taking photos of them so that I can have them for myself. I'm also attaching a couple of photos from several different occasions because this is how I want to remember them, always. My family isn't the conventional american family. Both my parents and my brother were born in China, in the Fuzhou Province. I was born here in america, making me the first generation and first american of my bloodline. We have a lot of difference, and I take on a lot of challenges with cultural misunderstandings.

The first set of photos are of my dogs, they're getting old, we first adopted them in 2003, making them 11 years old this November. They are technically my dogs, they only seem to listen to me and come rushing up to me the most. I miss them everyday, but over college I wasn't allowed to have them anywhere and My parents were attached to them and wouldn't let me take them, so I always give them some treats when I do come home to visit.

My mom and Dad used to take A TON of photos, of which I've inherited some of them and my Older brother has inherited the other portion of them. I've looked through them and I've noticed that she stopped taking photos of us, of herself, or anything since a little before I started college. This was over 5 years ago. We needed some new photos of us, of all of us. My Brother is married with kids now in Philly and I'm up in Albany, my parents don't get to see much of me and my brother. It was important to me, to keep our timeline going even if there aren't many big events. The last photo of us that we've managed to get together was when I first got my first DSLR during my Mom's Birthday. The Canon Rebel T1i is super entry level and I was learning the camera and photography in general for the first time.

Over the years I've met a lot of different family members, sprawled across different moments of my life. I got to meet my 2nd cousin for the first time and he was such an adorable little buddy. Chubby Cheeks and super adventurous and wanted to just do everything. He gave me some smiles and it was absolutely adorable.

I think I have taken more photos since I've gotten my digital SLR, but even before, I was taking photos with my Iphone. I think the realm of Photography is still very alien to a lot of people who get these point and shoots and go to the mall for "Family Photos". Its not just a photo, digitally or physical, its a fracture of time, and serves to relight that fire in your mind about those moments. Its important to me, I believe most people can relate.