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Much needed Vacation from everything via Roadtrip to Fairfax Virginia + Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Its a long trip down to Virginia, if anyone is traveling that way I'd highly recommend timing to miss DC traffic or avoiding it all together, trust me you're going to thank me afterwards because you won't even miss going through it. You might not even like traveling through Virginia but the houses in Fairfax and Alexandria are gorgeous! The weather was so nice and so warm that it finally felt like the beginning of summer, of course we had to get some Icecream and just hang out outside as much as possible.

In DC day one we saw the monuments and some Smithsonian Museums, and there were so many unbelievably gorgeous flowers all over the place, it must be the beautiful weather that lets all these pretty ones grow.

DC day two was ZOO Day, we saw so many animals and ventured right into the National Zoological Park. Between Otters, Lions, Tigers, Pandas, Sea Creatures, I just used up all my puns for the day.

Philadelphia was our last stop and it just ended up turning into a historic Road Trip since Philadelphia was full of embeded constitutional culture. We went to see the Liberty Bell and even Visited Benjamin Franklin's Grave. Okay, I kept it short so now go and check out the photos!

If you didn't know, I was doing a small Instagram adventure as we go, you can find it on and if you're already on Instagram just search #JayZhangAdventures #travelingplant #Miniseries or any one of those hashtags to find some of the punny things I was torturing the rest of my audience with... so yeah! I have some exciting things coming up so don't feel neglected If i don't post or If I disappear, I promise to be back!