Nichole + Sean's Wedding Extravaganza

The day couldn't have been more full of activity than this wedding, people were all excited to see the Bride in her full get up before the ceremony. We were trying to get people away from the hotel door all morning while taking tons of Getting Ready Photos and details. When it came to the first look,  Sean was excited, he couldn't wait to see her, in her dress, all made up. Nichole couldn't wait to see him, his beaming smile and his infectious laugh. They loved each other for years already, you could tell by the way the joked with each other, by the way they laughed with and at each other, and by the way they both go into full damage control mode when things didn't seem to go as expected. They can do anything together, I know this for a fact, because I've seen these two go to it. Check out the day with them!